Is the Baccarat Much Easier to Play Than Blackjack?

Both baccarat and blackjacks are extremely famous casino games. You can easily find them in any gambling site on the internet. You might wonder which one is easier. There are many claims stating that baccarat is easier. Is that true? Is the baccarat much easier to play than blackjack?

Is the Baccarat Much Easier to Play Than Blackjack?

Is the Baccarat Much Easier to Play Than Blackjack?
Is the Baccarat Much Easier to Play Than Blackjack?

Consider the House Edges

First of all, some of you might say that blackjack online is easier than baccarat. Well, in term of house edges, blackjack has the upper hand. In most casinos, the house edge of blackjack is only about 1%. It can be cut down to 0.05%. Yet, are you able to memorize and implement its various strategies and charts? If you cannot master those tactics, do not ever hope to cut the house edge that low.

You should also know that a single mistake can increase 0.5% blackjack’s house edge. It can even raise more than 3% depending on bettors’ skill. Thus, novice gamblers should spend much time to familiarize with the game before expecting to win a big sum of cash.

Baccarat does not work like that. The house edges in each baccarat bet stay the same. Putting the tie bet aside, the remaining two bets’ house edges are quite low as well. The banker hand offers a 1.06% of house edge while the player hand’s house edge only reaches 1.24%.

Number of Decisions

Blackjack is a game of strategy. In contrast, baccarat players can rely on their luck more. Baccarat does require some tactics as well, but bettors do not need to make many decisions. Basically, they just need to place a wager on one of the bets. The decision to ask for another card from the dealer has been regulated by the rules as well.

You cannot be that carefree while you are playing blackjack. You need to know the when you should stand or hit to avoid a bust. Moreover, players have to understand when they must split or double down in order to maximize their profits. More decisions must be made by a blackjack player. Furthermore, although the strategy charts have been provided, you need to memorize them to boost your performance.

Number of Bets

Baccarat only has three main bets. If you avoid placing a wager on the tie and side bets, you only have two main bets. This simplifies the decision that a player must make amidst the game. He can switch between those two bets whenever he wishes.

Many people suggest newbie players to choose to place a bet on the banker hand although the casino charges a 5% of commission rate. However, this advice should not be strictly followed. The difference of both bets’ house edges is not too far. As long as, you avoid wasting your hard-earned income on the tie bet, then you can secure your chances of winning.

Playing blackjack does not provide bettors with such comfort. The game has numerous bets. Therefore, players must concentrate solely on the game to avoid making mistakes. More factors must be considered when one is playing blackjack.

Is the baccarat much easier to play than blackjack? The answer is simple and crystal clear. Yes, playing baccarat is indeed easier than playing blackjack. Although the baccarat’s house edge is a bit bigger, the simplicity of baccarat’s rules allows players make less complicated decisions.

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