Advise and guide to horse betting in Hong Kong for starters

For 1st timers, the choice of bets on offer at Hong Kong race courses is overwhelming. Take a glance at our city gambling guide to decrypt what every of the bets very means that. Here we take a glance at six of the foremost common city race bets in horse betting in Hong Kong.

Advise and guide to horse betting in Hong Kong for starters
Advise and guide to horse betting in Hong Kong for starters

Advise and guide to horse betting in Hong Kong for starters


The simplest for the gambling novice. The win bet means that selecting that horse can get his nose past the post 1st no prizes for second place.


You pick one horse to end within the high 3 places, if the race contains seven or more horses, or end within the1st 2 places, if the race contains four to 6 horses.


Now we get into the Roman Emperors. The Quinella means that choosing 2 horses to end within the prime 2places, in either order. They have to each end within the prime 2 to gather the money.


Same because the Quinella, except with 3 horses. Which means your 3 horsed should end, in any order, in first, second and third.


For those that fancy themselves as somewhat of a sports online skilled, the tierce needs you to select 1st, second, third, within the correct order.

Six Up

The begetter of all online sports. To gather on a six-up you wish to select one horse in every of the six races to end either1st or second. Win, and therefore the champagne are on you.

Hong Kong order Horseracing Badge

The betting sports at Happy valley is one in every of Hong Kong’s best experiences, it’s additionally one in every of most cost-effective, priced at simply HK$10 for entry. This makes the city order traveller Badge laborious to suggest. Priced at HK$100, the badge offers you access to the additional exclusive members enclosure, together with the winners circles and swankier coated seating. You’ll be able to obtain the badge at the racetrack or at any of the Jockey Clubs gambling outlets.

Betting at Happy valley

The homeowners of happy valley are the city order. They still hold a monopoly on athletics and gambling within the territory, a holdover from colonial days. The organisations privileged standing is because of the common six million and bets placed on every meet, which means a flutter for nearly each city resident. You’ll be able to find out the way to navigate the various, several bets on provide with our city gambling guide.

 Sha Tin vs happy valley racecourses

Happy valley is head and shoulders on top of the opposite raceway (Sha Tin) in city. The track at happy valley is backed by a wall of skyscrapers and with most conferences set at the hours of darkness this crowd of buildings kind a blinding fence of argon on for the evening’s excitement. Happy valley additionally offers restaurants, bars, with a number of the most cost effective beer within the town, and a good-time mixture of locals, expats and tourists. Entry to the bottom is simply HK$10.

When to Go

Race conferences are typically on Wed evenings in happy valley and Sat afternoon in Sha Tin. You’ll have to go to the bowl as road closures mean that conveyance is nearly filled with folks. The simplest thanks to reach Happy valley racetrack is on the city tram which might be hopped on anyplace from Sheung Wan – Central – Wan Chai. Season starts from September to June.


The minimum wager races could be a cut price $10, and every one more bets are in multiples of this quantity. You’ll realize gambling and kind guide given out free at the track. There’s sometimes around fifteen minutes between races once you will place a bet.

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